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BLKBOX specializes in fan engagement

Modern musicians need a better strategy than traditional PR and radio promo.

BLKBOX empowers your current social following to grow your career. Active fans equals organic growth.


BLKBOX music platform

Your Music

BLKBOX app gets FANS to use your music in their social posts.

Play + Metrics

Social music plays, fan posts, social growth are tracked and reported.

Engaged Fans

BLKBOX identifies and empowers superfans to engage and grow with the Bands.

Be Professional

Artists more quickly get to the scale need to monetize itself and become attractive.

Getting Started

Artist? Sign in here.

Artist Portal

Maximize Song Value

Upload your music into BLKBOX. Our team and software organizes your music into highly marketable and discoverable clips ready for sharing on social media. Unreleased tracks, instrumentals.

Your Music On Social

Your fans soundtracking their moments on social media with your music 1000x your visibility. Social media is the best place to create virality around your music while growing a fanbase.

Identify Your Superfans

BLKBOX identifies your superfans and so you can start and maintain conversations on social. Bring them into your inner circle.


The end goal of fan engagement and growth on social should result in fans directly supporting your art. BLKBOX helps drive fans to your prefered platform.


What's the cost?

There's no cost to either the artist or fan. We do have a professional level service designed to take the place of costly PR or radio campaigns.

Does BLKBOX grow Spotify plays?

We have seen artist's Spotify plays grow, and are working to better understand the correlation.

Is this exclusive?

No, this is a non exclusive use. BLKBOX does not ask for right or ownership in any way.

How do my fans use it?

Every song in BLKBOX has a link. Share that link with your fans so they can easily soundtrack your music.

What if I am on a label?

As long as you have the permission of the label or publisher you can use BLKBOX.

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